First Christian Church of Galax

lenten, a time of reflection​

During the beginning of Christ's ministry, he was baptized and then spent 40 days in the wilderness. During these 40 days in the wilderness Christ was engaged in reflection, being tempted, and communing with God. The Lenten season is the same time period that Christians follow Christ's example from Ash Wednesday through Easter. We know that Christ was a man of like passions as all humanity yet he sinned not. 

From the last supper on Maundy Thursday until the end of Jesus' trial, the apostles failed Jesus in so many ways. Judas failed through his betrayal in the garden, Peter through his denial of Christ three times, and John who escaped by shedding his coat and running from the garden. Our self-searching will also bring us face to face with our own shortcomings in our discipleship.

​The challenges of Christ's latter days have a parallel in our own time. Christ's ministry may be divided into 3 periods. There was a time of obscurity, a time of popularity, and a time of persecution. The last period of Christ's life was surrounded by attacks on his deity. This view was mostly held by the religious establishment of his day. Christ could claim no less than being one with the Father or he would have been a liar. In our own day there are voices in the religious community that have tried to brush aside the miraculous events that surrounded Christ's life from birth through the resurrection. This has been happening in an attempt to lend credibility to their theological framework and the scientific community. Many events surrounding Christ's life, death, and resurrection cannot be explained in scientific understanding. How could a man walk on water? How could he calm a raging Sea of Galilee by simply speaking, "Peace be still?" How could Christ have defied gravity when he ascended into heaven 40 days after his resurrection? There is no scientific answer to these questions.

​God was creator of all the physical laws that govern how our world and the universe work. He can also choose to reverse any of these laws at his will. He did this at the parting of the Red Sea, the collapse of the walls of Jericho, the stopping of the rotation of the earth (when the sun stood still), the parting of the Jordan River and the resurrection of Christ. This is also true of the miracle of Easter that has purchased the redemption of all humanity that are willing to receive him as their Lord and Savior.

​Glen Sage, Minister