First Christian Church of Galax



Psalm 19:1 The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork.

How often as a minister have I heard the question, can you prove there is a God? The answer is that God does not attempt to prove that he exists but just declares it. The 19th Psalm is an example of this truth. The Psalmist tells us that the heavens declare the glory of God. As we peer into the vastness of space we are reminded of the smallness of mankind and the planet earth. Here we are with all the large objects having a gravitational pull upon us. The sun keeps us in an orbit that allows us to have a temperate climate and allows us to live and thrive over most of the surface of the earth. Not far away is the moon that only has about eighteen percent of its surface that has a temperature that would support life. It has an atmosphere that will not support human life. The earth rotates at about one thousand miles per hour at the equator. If by cosmic accident we rotated at one hundred miles per hour our days would be 12 days long and our nights would be 12 nights long. The accumulated heat would cook all vegetation on the earth during daylight. The 12 hours of darkness experienced at night would freeze all vegetation. Is it by cosmic accident that with all that we can view, which is 10 billion light years in all directions, we can find no other planet that would support life as we know it?

​So, is all that we enjoy a product of an accident? Consider the human body. We have thousands of miles of blood vessels that are placed within us to allow us to have a circulation system that allows nutrition to be carried to all the parts of the human body and waste material to be removed. The human eye is a system that inspired the development of the camera system. The human brain is as complex as any computer and is housed in the small space of our skull.

God is also glorious in that his love and concern for man is beyond our understanding. He gave his only son to allow us to be redeemed and have an eternal existence that is beyond anything that mankind has ever seen, had described to him, or has ever imagined.

Just consider the first verse of Psalm 19. Look around you and consider all that makes up our world and the heavens above. They all testify of who and what God is.

By ​Glen Sage, Interim Pastor